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ith 21 consultants in offices in America and India, Groupe Athena is able to offer the highest quality assistance to Indian and South East Asian pharmaceutical and medical companies seeking FDA approval for their products to export to the USA. Our team includes 3 PhDs, 9 Pharmacists, 5 MBAs and an attorney to provide a good knowledge of FDA rules and regulations, pharmaceutical knowledge and the corner stones to secure FDA approval for our clients.

With all Indian founders, Groupe Athena also has a reputation for being the first choice for FDA regulatory consultancy in the region for their ability to understand the obstacles and complications for Indian and South East Asian companies, as well as the requirements that would be expected by the Food and Drug Administration in America. We understand the values and the language and our experience and education on the subject matter, together with an absolute focus on client satisfaction and support has made us a leader in the field of FDA Consultancy.

Groupe Athena’s resources also includes a laboratory facility located in India to assist with testing and clinical trials for our clients.

We continuously strive to provide the most advanced consultancy services to aid medical and pharmaceutical companies in reaching their objectives. From concept to approval, our professional consultants will guide each client through development, regulatory compliance, and ultimately passing FDA inspection and obtaining FDA approval.

With a proven track record reflecting our results, we are a highly flexible company positioned to lead you through the FDA approval process, finding solutions to obstacles and consistently producing client satisfaction grounded on positive outcomes. The company is streamlined to bring the best knowledge to benefit our clients as a team of professionals, dedicated to each project from start to finish. Combined with understanding of the entire FDA approval process, the American, Indian, and South East Asian mindsets and the right education and experience to be considered experts, Groupe Athena is the only FDA Consultancy to employ to navigate the FDA compliance journey.

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